Hooray Music Thursday: Ed Sheeran Obsession

As a huge Harry Potter fan I loved seeing Rupert Grint aka Ron Weasley in Ed Sheeran ‘s “Lego House”. Though there doesn’t seem to much Lego in “Lego House” the boys have their ginger hair in common.

Rupert does as a good Ed impersonation. But that isn’t the news Ed has recently been celebrating!

NME have reported that Ed Sheeran is the most streamed artist of 2012 in the UK. Could the UK creations of Harry Potter have something to do with everyones obsession with Ed’s latest clip… possibly. But there is much more to it!

It could possibly be due to the fact that Ed Sheeran beat Coldplay for the Number ONE spot in the UK. But even with this news his Number ONE spot unfortunately came at a 17 year low in sales. Still a win I think!

Ed Sheeran is currently touring, and will be at a huge range of festivals coming up, such as the WONDERFUL Fuji Rock Festival. For more information check out Ed Sheeran’s webpage.