Hooray Music Thursday: New The XX

On the 15th of May The XX played an intimate gig at London’s Chats Palace, and delighted the audience with six songs from their up and coming 2nd album NME reports.

There were 200 lucky people that were chosen the day before from a lottery on the bands website.

Below is a video which features a snippet of their new untitled song. I’m a little bit excited as The XX are one of my favourite bands after they did the remix to Florence and The Machines “You’ve Got The Love”.

Make sure you check out the full story here, along with the set list.


Hooray Music Thursday: Ed Sheeran Obsession

As a huge Harry Potter fan I loved seeing Rupert Grint aka Ron Weasley in Ed Sheeran ‘s “Lego House”. Though there doesn’t seem to much Lego in “Lego House” the boys have their ginger hair in common.

Rupert does as a good Ed impersonation. But that isn’t the news Ed has recently been celebrating!

NME have reported that Ed Sheeran is the most streamed artist of 2012 in the UK. Could the UK creations of Harry Potter have something to do with everyones obsession with Ed’s latest clip… possibly. But there is much more to it!

It could possibly be due to the fact that Ed Sheeran beat Coldplay for the Number ONE spot in the UK. But even with this news his Number ONE spot unfortunately came at a 17 year low in sales. Still a win I think!

Ed Sheeran is currently touring, and will be at a huge range of festivals coming up, such as the WONDERFUL Fuji Rock Festival. For more information check out Ed Sheeran’s webpage.

Hooray Music Thursday: Mumford and Sons FINISH new album!

I’m pretty excited, in latest news Mumford and Sons have finished recording their second album. Now you’ve read that I hope your feeling this excitement!

As NME have reported: “We’re done recording it,” keyboard player Ben Lovett reveals… “But if we listen back while we’re mixing and discover it’s shit, we’ll just start again. We’re not going to put it out until it’s good enough.”

What gets even more exciting is that they have started touring again. Though it isn’t to the Australian shores, they being on May 28th starting Pinkpop Festival with it continuing in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden and plenty of other European countries. Lucky.

So what to expect to for their second album? Well they aren’t giving much away:

“And as they find themselves back in London to record this second album, you’ll find this band of brothers are still very much the same people. A little wiser, a lot more experienced, but eager to get out of London and get back to their spiritual home; the road” straight from the Mumford and Sons mouth.

Hooray Music Thursday: Jack White in Australia

Today I found out the Jack White is going to be playing at Splendour in Australia on July 27th, and the next day will be playing at Fuji Fest in Japan. To me that is someone who… well I don’t know. Someone who loves what they do. It is all part of his 2012 tour which you can check out in more detail here.

I thought I would spoil you with a song from his debut album Blunderbuss! It is the single “Sixteen Saltines” which was directed by AG Rojas.

If your a true Jack White fan but aren’t going to get the chance to make it to Byron Bay for Splendour, never fear because Jack will also be performing in Melbourne on the 25th of July and Sydney of the 26th.

Hooray Music Thursday: Coachella Brings Back Tupac

I’m sure you’ve all heard about it and even seen the latest craze that hit Coachella this year. What is it… or should I say who is it? Tupac Shakur returned to the stage with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre.

Geek.com explains:

In incredibly creepy fashion, Tupac Shakur returned from the dead as a hologram last night to perform “Hail Mary” and “Amerikaz Most Wanted” with Snoop Dogg and Dr.Dre. Now fans of Tupac will know that he never performed Hail Mary live in his lifetime. The incredible footage was created by splicing together existing performances to create an entirely new sequence. The company behind the hologram technology are Musion who have adapted a 19th century theater illusion technique, named Pepper’s Ghost, after its creator John Henry Pepper.

Check out the video:

Snap Wednesday: Casual Celebrities Old School

Kernel Sanders & Alice Cooper

Albert Einstein

Princess Leia & Luke Skywalker

Chevy Chase

Steven Spielberg

Michael Jordan, Christopher Reid, Will Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Christopher Martin

Keith Richards, James Brown, and John Belushi

Hooray Music Thursday: Happy Pills

Keeping with the simple and sweet theme this week. Here is Norah Jone’s latest song ‘Happy Pills’ from her new album ‘Little Broken Hearts’ due to be released on May 1st 2012. Check out everything you need/want/should know about Norah Jones at her website: www.norahjones.com

Enjoy this sweet delight.

Hooray Music Thursday: Citizens!

This Thursday I’m bringing you some new music love which comes from the London five-piece called Citizens! Currently doing their first UK headline tour and recently featured on NME Radar Band of the Week, being described as: Sharply glamorous with a dash of Bowie and a glance of Franz, Citizens!’ disturbingly danceable electropop is rising, with help from Eddie Argos and David Lynch.

Searching their name in Google isn’t very helpful when trying to find their music and information, instead watch this video from 55factory who interviewed them before they performed at the Topman Ctrl Launch Party in East London.

Check out Citizens! latest hit Reptile here:

You can also download a free copy of their song ‘Girlfriend’ by going to their website – Citizens!