Hooray Music Thursday: Mumford and Sons FINISH new album!

I’m pretty excited, in latest news Mumford and Sons have finished recording their second album. Now you’ve read that I hope your feeling this excitement!

As NME have reported: “We’re done recording it,” keyboard player Ben Lovett reveals… “But if we listen back while we’re mixing and discover it’s shit, we’ll just start again. We’re not going to put it out until it’s good enough.”

What gets even more exciting is that they have started touring again. Though it isn’t to the Australian shores, they being on May 28th starting Pinkpop Festival with it continuing in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden and plenty of other European countries. Lucky.

So what to expect to for their second album? Well they aren’t giving much away:

“And as they find themselves back in London to record this second album, you’ll find this band of brothers are still very much the same people. A little wiser, a lot more experienced, but eager to get out of London and get back to their spiritual home; the road” straight from the Mumford and Sons mouth.


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