Totally Random Tuesday: HP Teaches Us How To Drink

A friend recently showed me the “Harry Potter Drinking Game”. Technically this should be a Motion Monday post, but with yesterday as a holiday I thought I could do a slight merge for you.

Borrowed from BarMeister, below is a drinking game that I’m sure will be fun. What is also so good about this game? It has been dubbed the ULTIMATE game.


1 drink if:

* anyone is awarded points
* Hagrid talks about a magical creature
* Harry is mistreated by the Dursley’s
* someone casts a spell
* Madame Hooch is on screen
* a flame of any sort is in the shot
* Draco sneers at anyone
* we see any of the house Common Rooms

2 drinks if:

* points are taken away
* Neville does or says something stupid
* a character’s pet is mentioned by name
* Professor Flitwick is on screen
* Professor McGonnagal says “Potter”
* Crabb or Goyle are on screen
* Draco says “Mudblood”
* Harry is on a broom

3 drinks if:

* Hagrid says, “I shouldn’t have told you that.”
* Professor Snape looks down his nose at someone
* Hermione raises her hand in class
* Hermione says “Hogwarts…A History”
* Professor Sprout is on screen
* a painting talks
* if an owl makes a delivery

4 drinks if:

* Fred and George complete a sentence together
* Professor Dumbledore shares a knowing glance with Harry
* Harry mentions his parents
* Harry mentions Sirius
* Someone says “Voldemort”
* Harry faints around a Dementor
* anyone says “Victor Krum” or “Krum”
* Ron says, “Bloody Hell!”
* Ron is jealous of Harry
* you see a house elf
* Harry cries

Chug your drink if:

* Harry saves the day
* Harry catches the snitch
* Voldemort is on screen


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