Motion Monday: Once Upon A Time…

I’ve started watching a new TV series called “Once Upon A Time”. Co-Creator/Executive Producer Edward Kitsis explains what the show is about:

Once Upon A Time is, at its core, a story about hope. “For us, that’s what a fairytale is. It’s that ability to think your life will get better. It’s why you buy a lottery ticket—because if you win you get to tell your boss that you’re quitting and you get to move to Paris or wherever and be who you always wanted to be. And that’s Cinderella, right? One day she’s sweeping up and the next she’s going to the ball. Adam and I just wanted to write about something hopeful that for one hour a week allows one to put everything aside and have that feeling that your dreams just may come true.”

The TV series reminds you of all those story tales that you read when you were younger, and it appeals to you because it has been modified to represent modern life. Is it to kiddy? Definitely not! I would recommend this series to anyone who loves crime, romance, drama, comedy and thrillers… which is basically every genre.

To top it off one of my favourite actress Ginnifer Goodwin plays Snow White – and she does it incredibly well.

I’ve included some videos from the series below, I’ll let you be the judge.


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