Totally Random Tuesday: DIY Firefly Jars


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A rather late post for a Tuesday evening, but I think its a special one. I recently came across a new DIY phenomenon. What is it? Glow in the dark jars, also known as Firefly Jars, perfect for entertaining. So how do you do this. Well I’ve researched a flew blogs and one of the popular ones being Curbly.

So what to do? It is pretty simple, but please be careful because you are dealing with some slightly toxic material. What you need to make one:

  • 1 x clean and dry glass jar (with lid)
  • 1 x glow stick

Step One: Cut the top of the glow stick off and shake it around in jar – so that you are holding one end, and banging the other end on the side of the jar.

Step Two: Some of the glow stick will fall out, just screw the lid back on and shake it a little.

Step Three: Once this is done carefully empty the contents from the jar into a bin.

Then DAH DAH you have glow in the dark firefly jar perfect for outside entertaining.

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