Fashion Friday: The unseen Olsen – Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen

Until recently Elizabeth Olsen (23) was the unseen Olsen. I don’t want you thinking straight away – not another Olsen, because it appears Miss Elizabeth Olsen is quite different to her famous identical twin sisters.

“Elizabeth Olsen has been trying to go her own way for a while. Growing up with famous siblings made it clear to her early, she said, that she wanted a different career. “They were trying to build a whole [fashion and brand] enterprise. And I was trying to be an actor,” Olsen said”. (Read More)

She revealed: ‘When Silent House and Martha [Marcy May Marlene] both got into Sundance, the producers were like, “We’re going to get her a place to stay, but it won’t have a pool and we can’t fly her first class. Is she OK with that?” ‘I was like, “what are you talking about?! They should see the apartment I live in!” (Read More)

So why do Fashion Friday on someone who doesn’t appear to be all that interested in fashion? Because Elizabeth Olsen fashion is well worth hightlighting. Plus a think she has a secret love for it, being captured here at a Mulberry Fashion Show – front row, with a few other big names.


In a recent interview she said the following “Listing Marni, Celine, Chanel and Isabel Marant as her favourite labels, she admits: ‘I didn’t know all this stuff before [last] year, but I thought I should probably become more aware, so I can have more of a say in what I wear.’

Raiding her sisters’ wardrobes is not an option though – Elizabeth admits she hasn’t been able to borrow their clothes since she was 14 because she is so much taller than them.

It’s unlikely that she needs to though. As one of the front row guests at the Chanel Couture show last week, one imagines that Elizabeth already has her pick of the collections”. (Read More)

Enjoy this Fashion Friday Elizabeth Olsen delight:

Elizabeth in Chanel

At the Vanity Fair Oscar's Party

Attending the Vanity Fair celebrates "Martha Marcy May Marlene” wearing Carven Dress

Vanity Fair March Hollywood Issue

At the 2012 Critics' Choice Movie Awards

Wearing Valentino at the Gotham Independent Film Awards

Hollywood Foreign Press Association luncheon in LA

Missoni for Target Collection

Various Styles and Occasions

ASOS Newest magazine Lady


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