Motion Monday: Anything but the Oscars but the best three from the 90’s

Incase you haven’t heard from absolutely every television/radio/newspaper/magazine… The Oscars were today. So I’m not going to bore you with Oscar news because you can turn on the TV and there will no doubt be some form of a review. So how to please you? I’m going to spoil you with my three favourite movies from the 90’s, that I promise you will either love or possibly agree with me that they are well worth a watch.

1. Jumanji – 1995

The first time I watched this I must admit I was young and there were nightmares. I WAS YOUNG. But I can still watch this movie today and enjoy it.


2. Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion – 1997

Girls, actually girls and ladies, there can’t be a chick flick night with out this movie! This movie is guaranteed to make you laugh – that wet yourself laugh.


3. The Truman Show – 1998

You may not like this movie because to some it does seem simple. But this is actually a good Jim Carrey movie. Who doesn’t have that little thought in their head after watching this movie – could it be real? And lastly my favourite – in case I don’t see you – Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night.


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