Totally Random Tuesday: A real life, magical, fantastical wand at your command.


I have been obsessed with this since the moment I read about it. If you don’t know about my love for the Harry Potter series you don’t know me very well. Not your fault, you probably just haven’t had ‘that talk’ with me. Some people would consider you lucky to be spared, others such as my other Harry Potter buddies would think you still have a lot of great Harry Potterness to learn. A certain lady who travelled to Surat with me would hopefully be one of those to agree with this Potterness.

So what is this amazing thing I need to share with you? It is a wand, yes you read correctly and when I say wand I do mean magical in this muggle world, available for anyone and everyone. What does it look? Well a wand…


And how does it work? Before you watch this video, I apologise for its lameness, but once the wand hits the screen you may be speechless!


So basically it is a remote control that is a wand. Where can you find this wand? At ThinkGeek, a place of many amazing things!



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