Hooray Music Thursday: Zooey is loveeee

Zooey Deschanel is my love. There was a point not so long ago when she was married to another love of mine, Death Cab For Cutie’s lead man Ben Gibbard. Meeting via an introduction from their manager, Gibbard had said he loved her obscene taste in music “I was immediately taken when we first met that she had this just, like, immense knowledge of really obscure music. I hate to say it, but it’s the kind of obsession that mostly dudes have. Like, ‘Oh, but Emitt Rhodes’s second record …’ Nerdy, lonely guys know about this stuff. She’s turned me on to a lot of music I hadn’t heard.” (Read More). But now sadly they have divorced which means the ending of a popular indie couple, but that is going a little far for me.

So this Thursday I’m sharing the Zooey love from her band She & Him. Their first gigs were at the festivals Noise Pop and South by Southwest, where they caught media attention, and have been declared by the BBC as “All the ups and downs of young romance are faithfully recreated in loving fidelity and a variety of styles to evoke that teary-eyed yesteryear pop ambience.” Spin simply decided, “They both seem to be having a blast.” (Read More)

So now I’m delighting you with both a fast and slow tune from She & Him, some love for your ears.

She & Him – In The Sun

She & Him – Thieves


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