Motion Monday: Layers upon layers of Skins

At the beginning of 2007, E4 shared Skins with all those who watch television. Various stories from the lives of teenagers, involving a group of friends who go through the extreme highs and lows of the final two years of college, living in Bristol, England. A very successful TV show that is now in its third generation of teenagers, reaching Series 6. Winning numerous awards varying from Production Design, MediaGuardian to the 2011 NME Best TV Show.

So I thought I would delight you with a look at Skins over the years… finishing with the NEW Skins Season 6 trailer. Enjoy the fashion, the music and the incredible acting.

And for the new Series 6:

I would like to finish with showing you what can happen when the USA tries to re-make an amazing UK series:


One thought on “Motion Monday: Layers upon layers of Skins

    i love this series so much. and the format (i.e. new cast members every 2 seasons) should technically NOT work. but it does and its awesome!!!!
    this has def. reminded me to go and see season 6 🙂

    xx K

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