Motion Monday: From HP to DanRad, is it still ok to be obsessed?

Motion Monday is filmed based, this time around one certain gentleman. From Harry Potter to his now Paparazzi name DanRad. A rad guy called Daniel… probably not… but Daniel Radcliffe does have plenty of goodness about him. You may or may not be a Harry Potter fan, but DanRad is trying to reach a wider audience, so if you would like to give another chance to this young gentleman, then read on and get to know his not so magical side.

After Harry Potter, DanRad played Alan Strang in Peter Shaffer’s revived Equus, which was reported as controversial. Perhaps this little insert from Details describes the controversy best “[as Harry Potter] decided to share his wand with two older blondes”.

Moving on DanRad did some other not so chart topping films, DanRad is back in the scene for his new role in “The Woman in Black”. Unfortunately it came in second this Super Bowl Weekend, to the new super pathetic film “Chronicle” teenagers with superhero powers… puhhhhleeeassseee. But it wasn’t much of a defeat with LA Times reporting “The Woman in Black” scored 21 million and “Chronicle” scored 22 million. Watch the trailer and judge for yourself, has DanRad shaken his Wizardself or does Harry Potter live on?

Now for the real question, what it was always down to… Ron or Harry?


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