Totally Random Tuesday: Lego Man In Near Space And Electric Butterflies

Two things equally different but both amazing a lego man who was sent to near space, and the childhood dream of an ever lasting bug in a jar, could it be, the impossible… now possible.

I read the news on a daily basis, searching for anything to pass the time. Last week I came across a video of a lego man being sent into near space by teenagers. As reported in the SMH “Two Canadian high school students have launched a Lego man almost 25 kilometres above sea level – high enough to capture video of the plastic toy hovering above the curvature of the Earth”.

Read more:

Here is the video, see what you think – is it real?

My next favourite random stumble of this week are these:

As someone who has an incredible fear of insects big and small, I have to say butterflies could never ever be hated! And now there is an invention that beats all things cruel to the insect life. A handy study mate, an awesome present or just something cool, it has to be the Electric Butterfly In a Jar. Yes I may be selling it a bit too much, but doesn’t it deserve it?


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