Motion Monday: Something Old and Something New

Welcome! This is the first week of the themed weekly blog, and if its a success it will be a yearly thing… oh the joy!

Motion Monday has begun and this week it is movie themed with both old and new.

The QLD weather has not been enjoyable at all, it is constantly rainy and muggy. A word I  had never heard before but since it was first mentioned last week, it is the only word I seem to hear to describe this horrible weather. Humid and rainy = muggy. So when it came to Saturday night, the boyfriend and I decided a movie in, with pizza and wine was the best dry option. Unfortunately it was the boyfriend’s choice… which usually means blood, guts and guns. But this time was different! He suggested “12 Monkeys”.  It is an old movie, but it features the best Brad Pitt (as a character you would have never seen him in) and Bruce Willis. I would strongly suggest you watch it. It has a weird “1984” sense to it, but once you get into, its hard to turn away.

Now the NEWBIE. There has been plenty of talk about the latest film in production “Lovelace” which is based on the true story of Linda Lovelace who is known for her dramatic pornographic career, specific her film in “Deep Throat”.

This film is constantly being discussed with the gossip behind the many well known actresses involved. First Lindsay Lohan was replaced by Malin Akerman, although it was never officially made clear as to Lindsay quitting, being fired or it being a mutual decision, according to TMZ.

Now the most recent controversy that has revealed itself is from the Demi Moore mishap, and her “whip it” incident where TMZ reported she dropped out. Then after a mixed discussion from her replacement being Mary-Louise Parker from Weeds, it has been made official that it will be Sarah Jessica Parker. I think I would of prefered either Mary-Louise or Demi… Sarah seems a bad choice. But I’m excited for the movie… look at these pics from production, featuring the talented and hot Amanda Seyfried.


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