Refresh Button

So I’ve decided a month late from the beginning of the New Year 2012, I’m going to start something new with Sheila.

Beginning next week there will be weekly blogs on: Music, Movies/TV, Randomness, Fashion and Photos. This means daily week day entries! 5 days a week. Hopefully enough reading goodness to satisfy you.


If you’re unsure of how you feel right now maybe Rick Springfield can tell you …

There will be:

Motion Mondays with Movie and TV things

Totally Random Tuesday with anything and everything random the www has to offer

Snap Wednesday with photos from various places from my life, the web, other people – just everywhere!

Hooray Music Thursday featuring new/old and good/bad music! Woo hoo

Fashion Friday  – lots of fashion mine, yours  and everybody’s

My rhyming may be very lame but I hope Sheila keeps you very interested!

But for now… Happy Australia Day.




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