Day 28 – a song that makes you feel guilty

I’m going to interpret this as a guilty pleasure… because there are many songs out there that I listen to that I’m sure if people knew that I had a love for that music deep inside I would feel guilty. That doesn’t mean that all my music likes are like that… ohhh no! Just the rare few that I listen to and enjoy, whether it be with the car windows up or when no one is home, it usually involves a sing along.

I’m going to go with two, the first being pretty much any Beyonce song, but her latest – Love On Top. The amount of times I’ve tried these dance moves, well lets just say practice doesn’t make perfect! In saying that I’m the only one who has seen me move it…so you never know (but I think there is an extremely large possibility I’m not even close). The day I can dance like Beyonce is the day those nearest and dearest find out about these guilty pleasures.

The next is when I attempt to put my fast talk/rap on when listening to Nicki Minaj. I had never listened to her until I saw her on the Ellen show with a little girl performing her song, and for some weird reason I grew a liking. Its her song Super Bass.

I’m going to add one more and that is Rihanna again, my song dance attempts equal my guilty pleasure, and her song Rude Boy is a fav.

Of course if I’m out and someone asks what song to put on, or what is a good song to dance to, none of these three will be a suggestion, because they are not for public knowledge. I’m aware its on my blog, but who reading this is actually going to ask me to put some music for them when we’re in a room together?


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