Day 13 – a song that is a guilty pleasure

A song that is a ‘guilty pleasure’ to me, means a song that I can sing aloud and dance to with no shame. This usually occurs at home in my living room and also includes intense bed jumping dancing. No one has every seen this and I intend to keep it that way. My boyfriend has recently moved in so this guilty pleasure will occur less and less, but if the opportunity arises I will seize it. I have always had a flat mate, whether it be my sister or a friend, and I have managed to indulge myself with this weird dancing ‘guilty pleasure’ on many occasions so I believe it will still happen.

At the moment I am in love with ‘Offspring’ the Australia drama that recently finished Season 2.

Season One Promo:

Season Two Promo:

Below is the song which is my current ‘guilty pleasure’, I’m sure if you listen to the lyrics you can imagine plenty of dance moves that don’t need to be demonstrate to anyone else besides myself and my mirror. The film clip is a bit quirky but it adds to the song.

Thao – When We Swam

I also have another ‘guilty pleasure’, which I am sure only 5 people in my life know about, which is Maroon 5. I have had a crush on Adam Levine ever since ‘This Love’ first appeared on Video Hits when I was in high school. So to fully answer ‘a song that is a guilty pleasure’ I must include my number one. I have chosen “She Will be Loved” because I am sure I have played it over along with the all others many times. The film clip shows a very disturb story of a boyfriend being with the mother and daughter. Any boys fantasy I am sure.

Maroon 5 “She Will be Loved”:

Please note: Day 13, is strictly between YOU and ME!


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