Popping Around

Today Polly and I hit Brisbane city for shopping reasons, we eventually ended up at GOMA with Jenica. It was so much fun! We or shall I say I, got to be or kid-like again. GOMA is currently celebrating children, so do this they are making fun for everyone. We participated in two very fun things, after waiting our turns in lines.

    Infinity world (not sure if that is the proper name), consister of fluro lighted ping pong balls, whilst you stand on a platform surrounded by water. And to top it off it is in the shape of a black cube, very enticing.

    We then entered balloon room, which is as it sounds, a room filled with balloons. Very fun and also quite freaky, as there were constantly balloons popping all around you, without a touch.

    Very fun, and also a little bit educational.


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