We have returned to…

It has been a while…but hopefully I am back. I think as soon as uni started, my mind was focused on uni, and I may of forgotten about about SHELIA! Please forgive me.

To bring everyone back I think something a little funny will help:

I hope everyone enjoy’s Bobs Burgers!



2 thoughts on “We have returned to…

    Slightly cliche.. but I love Louise!!!
    Such a good character – although ironic that I don’t like the sets from the comedian who does the voice for Lousie…

  2. I have to agree I am not keen on Kristen Schaal, I think her annoying character on Flight of the Concords put me off. BUT in Bob’s Burgers she is so well suited.

    I swear there is this Windows advertisement that is her voice double. I heard it the first time and thought it was her, it wasn’t until I actually watched the ad that I realised:

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