Little Boxes

My blogging has come to an all time low. I simply blame WEEDS. The television show is addictive. Shane was adorable:

Silas is hot and hooks up with Mary-Kane Olsen:

And Nancy and Andy make it all unbelievable:

And why I will now always be suss about boys and banana’s:


One thought on “Little Boxes

  1. little boxes, little boxes filled with ticky tacky… and the green one and the red one…

    created by..

    jenji kohan.

    love this show. i have a friend who looks exactly like mary louise parker. no joke.
    and i love this season šŸ™‚ but nothing beats season 1.
    they better make another season. cause i tell ya what, the finale is a cliff hanger. cant wait for you to watch it!
    SUCH A GOOD SHOW. Have you watched Breaking Bad? Similar spcheel – highschool chemist teacher starts to make ice/cocaine/heroin (whatever they call it on the streets today) to help pay for his cancer treatment. amazing show.
    i think my mum is kinda worried that i keep sympathising and loving shows where the main character is virtually a criminal/homicidal maniac – in the cases of Weeds and Dexter šŸ™‚

    love, kas.

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