Jeggings and Nutmeg

Tonight Conan wore Jeggings.

Jeggings (thanks to urban dictionary):

Jeggins are half jeans and half leggings. This doesn’t mean literally half in half but the fabric is stretchy and soft like leggings.
Ell: “Hey Amy those jeans you’re wearing look great”
Amy: “They’re not jeans!”
Pete: “Ah they’re leggings!”
Amy: “NOPE! They’re JEGGINS!”
Ell + Pete: “Damn! They’re amazing! I want some Jeggins”
I think my boyfriends may of used the term jeggings, before I even did. This means one of two things – he watches way too much  American TV such as Conan who actually knows what Jeggins are or I am just way behind on the times.
Another interesting topic Conan bought up – kids are smoking nutmeg to get a high these days.

Smoking nutmeg: The new, old high

Smoking nutmeg is making a comeback according to several news reports. Utah’s Deserert News reports that college students and teens are smoking the spice that can be found on most kitchen shelves across the country to achieve a “legal high.”

According to health experts, nutmeg abuse can lead to serious health consequences, including seizures and heart problems. In less serious cases, vomiting may occur.

The website of Public Broadcasting Atlanta, reports that the Georgia Poison Center received a call from a young woman complaining of a severe headache after intentionally placing more than a tablespoon of nutmeg in a drink. The Center’s Director, Gaylord Lopez, says most of those abusing the spice typically snort, drink, or smoke it.

Lopez went on to say, “You could have symptoms ranging from drowsiness, all the way up to hallucinations and perhaps even heart abnormalities and coma. I mean, this could be quite serious.”

In addition to the health consequences of smoking nutmeg, smoking as well as being in the company of others who smoke, has its own set of serious health consequences. The University of Michigan Health Systems reports that quitting smoking helps your circulation, your stamina, your skin, and your overall general health. It also reduces the likelihood of having breathing problems and lung and other cancers. For more information please access their website –

Article from:

If you search smoking nutmeg in google images this is what comes up:

Is there something about the Brady Bunch that us viewers were unaware of?


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